08-15-2016 JesusforPresObviously, this is a highly controversial—and to many, frightening—political season. How are we to navigate these turbulent waters? What are the political and social responsibilities we have as believers? My hope is that we’ll let the Bible show us the way to think and act at a time like this. That’s why this coming weekend we’ll begin a new sermon series, “Jesus for President.” Come with your Bible, an open mind, and a prayerful desire to follow our Lord’s direction.

It’s back to school season, and that also means the beginning of many ministries at HHBC. Now is when you’ll establish your priorities, allot your resources, and make commitments for how you’ll invest your time and energy during the months ahead. Remember that Jesus said, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you” (Matt. 6:33, ESV). He was saying that when we accept that He is our priority, then we are in the position in which He can and will meet our needs. I’ve come to believe that—both from trusting scripture and through the confirmation of personal experience.

Don’t get pulled into the temptations of overscheduling, overspending, and overdoing. Involve yourself in school, sports, music, and other activities, but don’t let them crowd out your love for the Lord, focus on Him, and commitment to His church. It’s easier to start right than it is to correct yourself after you’ve headed in the wrong direction. Demonstrate a godly lifestyle to your children and your friends. This fall and winter season can be different.